Walkway Possibilities!

There are many ways to create a walkway… options include the materials that you see on the surface as well as the method by which those materials are set or retained.  Chambers Landscape specializes in meticulously crafted walkways that cater to the tastes of our clientele.  Whether you are looking for irregular bluestone dry-laid, wet-laid brick, or an engineered paver stone, we have the experience that your project demands!

It’s All About the Foundation

We take great care in creating a proper base for your walkway.  This arduous process requires the excavation of existing soil or materials, the proper preparation of the subsurface aggregate, and the careful placement of the surface product.  When built correctly, your walkway will remain beautiful for decades… when built improperly, your walkway will soon shift and heave during our winter’s freeze and thaw cycles.  While we take extra care in the preparation of a walkway, our diligence yields long-lasting beautiful walkways that you will be proud of for many years to come!

Choosing Materials

Because there are so many options for stone or engineered paver products, our initial consultation is a very important part of our process.  Not sure what you want?  No worries!  We are happy to work with you to offer our recommendations based on your project and provide sample photos and materials.  Still not sure?  We would be happy to take you to our sources for patio products so that you may browse the entirety of the inventory available.

Why Chambers?

With almost a half-century of combined experience, we pride ourselves on educated collaboration to ensure that your project is even more wonderful than you could have imagined.  Our clients are the single greatest source of referrals and additional future work.  We always love to return to a property where we have previously worked and very often do!  The bottom line is that we won’t leave your project until you are happy.  Yes, there are many contractors out there to choose from but you won’t find a more conscientious partner in your walkway project than Chambers Landscape!


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