Turf Care

What’s the Value in Turf Care?

Turf grass is possibly the single most important visual element of curb appeal.  A beautiful thick deep green lawn is a great indicator of the level of maintenance that you perform on your property.  Turf grass is a system of individual grass plants and is, therefore, cared for in a manner similar to the best methods of caring for landscape bed plantings.

The goal is to have healthy, soft, desirable turf grass species growing on your property while reducing or eliminating weeds.  The best possible method to achieve this end is with a combination of products that feed turf grass while inhibiting weed growth.

We can’t forget about the soil, however, which requires the proper pH level to promote growth.  Additionally, it is extremely beneficial to aerate your turf grass to reduce soil compaction and provide nutrients and air to root systems which deepens the grass plant roots.  Deeper roots mean greater drought tolerance and a stronger plant!

Lastly, we strongly recommend applying turf grass seed to your property at least once annually.  The reason that seeding your lawn is necessary is because several of the grass plant species can only spread by re-seeding themselves.  Typically tall fescue, a very desirable grass, can only grow from a seed and doesn’t send out “tillers” or extensions of itself beyond it’s original base.  Because we never let grass grow tall enough for a natural seeding process to occur, it is necessary to seed once a year to fill in bare spots and help propagate the desirable grass in our yards.

Turf Care Application Steps

1. Early Spring: Granular Fertilizer Treatment:  Contains weed pre-emergent and crabgrass control.  Additionally, broad-leaf weed suppression is included with treatments performed in April.

2. Late Spring: Granular fertilizer and Weed Treatment: Same as the Early Spring application and additionally includes complete broad leaf weed suppression and grub control.

3. Summer: Root and Surface-Feeding Insect Suppression.  Includes 100% natural insect repellent.

4. Late Summer: Granular treatment with a slow-release fertilizer product and spot-treatment of broad leaf weeds, if present.

5. Early Fall: Granular Fertilizer application consisting of a complete slow release fertilizer including a complete liquid broad leaf weed suppression.

Additional Recommended Services:

1. Winterizer:  Granular fertilizer for summer stress recovery and root development.  Generally applied in late fall and is very beneficial for turf grass growth in the following spring.

2. Soil Amendments: Lime (balances pH) and other property-specific amendments determined from examination of soil.  These applications are generally applied in late spring or early fall.

3. Core Aeration and Seeding:  This is a mechanical process of pulling small plugs out of the soil followed by an over-seeding application.  This is extremely beneficial to both the turf grass and soil drainage.  If you have standing water in puddles on your property, this is a highly recommended service!

4. Flea and Tick Control:  Fleas and ticks can infest any lawn.  They are parasitic and can bite both humans and pets.  Both fleas and ticks transmit diseases and are therefore extremely undesirable!  Our applications are designed to suppress these parasites from your property.  Typically, two or more applications are required to continue suppression throughout the growing season.


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